The Council of Memory

The Council of Memory is a consultative and advisory body to the Director of the Institute. Members of the Council of Memory are appointed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from amongst persons distinguished by their high moral standards and knowledge of the history of Poland and the Polish Nation.

The Council passes opinion on candidates for the Virtus et Fraternitas medal, the Eastern Cross, the Western Cross, and also for other decorations, orders and commendations.

Chairperson of the Council

  • prof. Zofia Zielińska

    from the Institute of History at the University of Warsaw

Members of the Council

  • dr hab. Grzegorz Berendt

    Deputy Director of the Museum of the Second World War

  • dr Sławomir Dębski

    Director of the Polish Institute of Foreign Affairs

  • dr Adam Eberhardt

    Director of the Center for Eastern Studies

  • Andrzej Gelberg

    a journalist

  • Grzegorz Górny

    a journalist

  • prof. Marek Kornat

    Head of the Unit of 20th Century History at the PAN in Warsaw

  • Jan Ołdakowski

    Director of the Warsaw Rising Museum

  • Albert Stankowski

    Director of the Warsaw Ghetto Museum

  • dr Mateusz Szpytma

    Deputy President of the Institute of National Remembrance

  • dr hab. Przemysław Żurawski vel. Grajewski

    from the Institute of History at the University of Łódź

Chairperson of the Council, photo: Paulina Czarnecka; Members of the Council, photos: 1) Donat Brykczyński, reporter / EastNews 2) Beata Zawrzel, reporter / EastNews 3) Krzysztof Kaniewski, reporter / EastNews 4); 5) Wojciech Olszanka / EastNews; 6) Patrycja Mic; 7) Jakub Szymczuk / Wikimedia 8) AP/Associated Press / East News; 9) Michał Woźniak / EastNews; 10) Patrycja Mic