• The Pilecki Project

    The Pilecki Project

    “The Pilecki Project” is a new educational initiative about Witold Pilecki - one of the greatest heroes of World War II whose brave mission to Auschwitz touched so many lives.

  • "Called by name"

    "Called by name"

    “Called by Name” is a project devoted to persons of Polish nationality who were murdered for providing help to Jews during the German occupation.

  • Lemkin 2018-2023

    Lemkin 2018-2023

    The objective of the project, which is supervised by Professor Piotr Madajczyk, is to examine and popularize the achievements of 20th-century Polish legal thought, with a particular focus on Polish intellectuals, chief among them Rafał Lemkin.

  • Exercising modernity / Modernität üben

    Exercising modernity / Modernität üben

    Polish-German-Israeli interdisciplinary project is a pilot program of intellectual, artistic and academic exchange for all those interested in the history and culture of Poland, Germany and Israel, as well as the ideas of civil social justice.

  • Walks


    A form of popularization of the “history of places”, which makes it possible to contextualize witness accounts and information obtained from books and films in the municipal space.

  • Images of History

    Images of History

    Historical movies screenings: The Pilecki Institute and Warsaw Film School organize a film show once a month.