Education - Instytut Pileckiego

The Education Department carries out projects, workshops and seminars linked to the history of the 20th century. We inspire the younger generations to foster an interest in the past, because we believe it will help them to better understand the present. Our work also includes training and programs for teachers, educators and employees of cultural institutions.

Not only do we want to provide knowledge based on the findings of Polish and foreign researchers, but we also highlight the admirable mind-sets and ideas that guided Witold Pilecki, Rafał Lemkin, and Leon, Marianna and Stefan Lubkiewicz. Through our educational activities, we want younger people to understand the recent history of Poland and the world with both its light and dark sides, and we want history to inspire the youth in their daily lives. Education is, after all, an opportunity for meetings and discussions that are important to us and that change us.

Our offer includes workshops dedicated among others to the figure of Witold Pilecki, the Ładoś Group, the Polish citizens who were murdered for helping Jews during the Second World War, and the “Solidarity” movement. We also carry out training projects based on urban games, such as “My city. My history”, as well as organize the Witold Pilecki Academy, during which young people from all over Poland cooperate with their teachers to prepare projects on the history of their local areas.

The Education Department carries out similar initiatives aimed at audiences outside Poland. Our offer includes the International Teachers and Educators Program, a project for teachers all over the world that comprises a summer school and preparing lesson plans. In 2021, we inaugurated The Pilecki Project, in which we introduce the younger generations in the United States and Canada to the figure of Witold Pilecki.

Our work is further supplemented by educational publications, such as “Gra Miejska. Krok po kroku” [“A step-by-step guide to location-based games”] and “Rafał Lemkin. Focus on”, which is available in Polish and English, as well as materials for home learning.