Library - Instytut Pileckiego

The Library of the Witold Pilecki Institute of Solidarity and Valor is a specialist library, responsible first and foremost for meeting the research needs of employees and scholarship holders of the Institute Our holdings are available to all readers, however persons from outside our institution may access them solely at the Library’s physical location.

We currently possess more than 10,000 books in printed format, in Polish and other languages, as well as electronic publications, periodicals, maps and databases. Our resources are being expanded systematically, mainly through purchases, acquisitions from our own publishing house, and donations. Certain of the books, and this applies in particular to those written in English and German, are unique on a national scale in that they are available only at our Library. We are actively involved in co-operation with the NUKAT Center, and many of the publications in our holdings can be found in the joint catalog of Polish scientific libraries.

The topical scope of our collections reflects the research and projects conducted by the Institute. The Library’s book collections include source publications and topical literature concerning primarily the history of the 20th century, with a particular focus on the German and Soviet totalitarianisms. Some of the publications touch upon the history of Polish and Central and Eastern European culture and society up to modern times, women’s history, and the history of cities and mass migrations. Further, our holdings contain an extensive collection of writings devoted to the history, culture, religion and heritage of Jews on historically Polish lands, in other countries of the Diaspora, and in Israel, as well as literature from the fields of museology and archive studies.

Information about specific collections may be found using the online catalog and the multifunctional Summon search engine.

Our Library also offers interlibrary lending services for employees and scholarship holders of the Institute, and for other libraries.

The reading room is adapted to the needs of persons with physical disabilities. The building is equipped with a ramp for wheelchairs and a lift, and is free of thresholds. Computer tables are height-regulated.

Persons interested in availing themselves of our services are free to contact us!