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Propose a candidate for the Virtus et Fraternitas Medal!

The Virtus et Fraternitas Medal is an expression of gratitude to those, first and foremost foreigners, who in the course of the 20th century – plagued with totalitarian barbarity – displayed immense courage and human solidarity to facilitate the survival of Polish citizens. It is also awarded to non-natives who keep alive the memory of 20th-century Polish history. The Medal is bestowed since 2019 by the President of the Republic of Poland upon a motion of the Director of the Pilecki Institute.

Have you heard of anyone who provided Polish citizens with shelter and assistance, helped them escape, or gave financial support? Or perhaps you know people who care for Polish places of memory abroad?

If you think that you are aware of anyone who satisfies the criteria for award of the Virtus et Fraternitas Medal, be sure to share your story with us!

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In order to propose a candidate for the Virtus et Fraternitas Medal, you should complete the on-line application form which is available below.


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