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Competition for the Post of Adjunct in the Humanities

Informujemy o rekrutacji na stanowisko adiunkta w dziedzinie nauk humanistycznych w Instytucie Solidarności i Męstwa im. Witolda Pileckiego.

INSTITUTION: Witold Pilecki Institute of Solidarity and Valor

CITY: Warsaw

POST: Adjunct in the Humanities





KEYWORDS: history of culture, history of Europe, history of the 20th century


Core requirements:

1. Academic degree of Doctor of the Humanities, discipline of history

2. Documented achievements in scientific activities topically associated with the period constituting the subject of research of the Pilecki Institute.

3. Experience in conducting research in the field of history.

4. Fluency in spoken and written English allowing, inter alia, for independent writing of scientific texts.

5. Didactic experience gained at universities.

6. A predisposition for teamwork.

7. Experience of speaking and appearing in public.


Additional criteria:

  1. Expression of readiness to commence employment with the Pilecki Institute as the candidate’s essential place of employment.
  2. At least good command of a second foreign language to a degree that allows to deliver papers on your own at international scientific conferences.
  3. Internships, scholarships or other forms of scientific activity in research institutions abroad, especially in the United States of America.


Documents required from candidates:

  1. Cover letter;
  2. Curriculum vitae;
  3. Documents confirming education and academic titles or degrees held;
  4. List of academic and organizational achievements;
  5. List of publications;
  6. Opinion of one senior researcher concerning the candidate and his/her suitability for scholarly and research work at the Institute;
  7. Declaration as to acceptance of the terms and conditions of the competition organized by the Pilecki Institute (with hand signature);
  8. Declaration as to provision of consent to the processing of personal data by the Pilecki Institute, this in the following wording (with hand signature);


I hereby provide my consent to the processing of my personal data, contained in application documents, by the Witold Pilecki Institute of Solidarity and Valor with its seat in Warsaw for the purposes of the present recruitment procedure and in successive recruitments of candidates for employees of the Witold Pilecki Institute of Solidarity and Valor.

I hereby declare that I have been informed that:

  1. The controller of the personal data processed in connection with the recruitment procedure is the Witold Pilecki Institute of Solidarity and Valor with its seat in Warsaw at 17 Foksal Street, 00-372 Warsaw. The controller of personal data may be contacted under the following address:
    • Instytut Solidarności i Męstwa im. Witolda Pileckiego, ul. Foksal 17, 00-372 Warszawa,
    • or by e-mail:;
  2. The personal data of candidates shall be processed for the purposes of the present recruitment procedure and in successive recruitments of candidates for employees of the Witold Pilecki Institute of Solidarity and Valor on the basis of consent provided thereby (Article 6, Subparagraph 1, Letter a of the GDPR Regulation). Persons whom personal data concern shall be entitled to withdraw their consent at any time, this without any effect for the legality of processing performed on the basis of said consent prior to withdrawal thereof;
  3. The recipient of the personal data of candidates may be an entity duly instructed to act by the controller of personal data, for example an entity providing IT maintenance and failure repair services;
  4. Data gathered in the course of recruitment procedures shall be stored a period not exceeding two years from the date of completion of any given recruitment procedure;
  5. Persons whom personal data concern shall be entitled to access their personal data and also to request the correction or deletion thereof. The submission of a request for the deletion of personal data shall be tantamount to resignation from the recruitment procedure conducted by the Witold Pilecki Institute of Solidarity and Valor;
  6. Any candidate whom personal data concern shall be entitled to request that the controller of personal data limit processing thereof if:
  • a given candidate whom personal data concern questions the correctness of personal data – for a period allowing the controller to verify the correctness of said data,
  • processing shall be illegal, while the candidate whom personal data concern shall object to the deletion of said personal data, instead requesting the limitation of processing thereof,
  • the controller shall no longer need said personal data for purposes of processing, but said personal data shall be needed by the candidate whom said personal data concern in order to determine the existence of claims, or to pursue or defend such claims, if any,
  • the candidate whom personal data concern has lodged an objection on the grounds of his/her particular circumstances against the processing of his/her personal data, citing public interest or legally justified interests (objection pursuant to the provisions of Article 21, Subparagraph 1) – until such time as it is determined whether the legally justified basis cited by the controller is superior to the basis of the objection lodged by the candidate whom personal data concern,
  1. Persons whom personal data concern shall be entitled to lodge a complaint concerning the illegal processing of their personal data with the supervisory body officially charged with supervising the processing of personal data. If a different supervisory body shall be appointed in future, then said body shall be competent with respect to the examination of any such complaints, whereas any complaint lodged shall concern solely conformity with the law of the processing of personal data, and not the course of the recruitment procedure;
  2. Submission of the data referred to in the recruitment documents is not obligatory, however it is necessary in order for a candidate to be considered for employment at the Witold Pilecki Institute of Solidarity and Valor.


Additional documents:

  1. Declaration to the effect that, in the event of being selected in the competition, the candidate shall recognize the Pilecki Institute as his/her essential (primary) place of employment.



The competition application and documents confirming the qualifications of candidates shall be elaborated in Polish, while any original foreign-language documents shall have to be translated into Polish.

Persons interested in the competition are requested to send in the abovementioned documents:

by 24:00, 17 October 2021.


The competition shall comprise two stages:

1. formal assessment of applications and documents attached thereto, and substantive assessment of fulfilment by candidates of conditions concerning education and qualifications.

2. assessment of candidates’ knowledge during an interview. Candidates shall be informed of the date of the interview by telephone or by e-mail.


Form of employment: contract of employment

Planned commencement of employment: November 2021.

Each candidate shall be notified of the results of the competition in writing.

Informational materials concerning the functioning and the activities of the Pilecki Institute are available on the website:

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