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Information about volume VII of the journal “Totalitarian and 20th Century Studies”

Our intention is to ensure that texts sent in for publication in the 7th issue of the "Totalitarian and 20th Century Studies" yearbook address themselves to the legacy of communism. The deadline for applications is 30 October 2022.

The aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine has resulted not only in unspeakable suffering for the civilian population, the destruction of infrastructure and a direct threat to the victim’s existence as an independent and democratic state, but also posed significant questions regarding the architecture of security in Europe, totalitarian concepts and practice, and the very relevance of the term “totalitarianism”. At the same time, these problems directly reference the legacy of Communism – still awaiting its historical reckoning – and the influence which it continues to exert on actions undertaken by contemporary Russia. Our intention is to ensure that texts sent in for publication in the upcoming volume of our journal address themselves to the following topics:

  • The social engineering of Communism and Nazism at the conceptual and operational levels (the categorization of ethnic and social groups and its practical consequences: the physical extermination of “harmful” groups, deportations, forced relocations, identity manipulation, etc.),
  • The legacy of Communism and the issue of imperialism in contemporary Russia,
  • The issue of the settlement (or lack thereof) of crimes committed by Nazism and Communism, and their impact on the perception of these two political systems,
  • Continuity and change in Russian foreign policy and their role in the context of implementation of imperial policy,
  • The propaganda and intellectual base of totalitarian ideologies,
  • Propaganda and memory of the Second World War in Russia,
  • Soviet and Russian crimes and repressions and their modus operandi,
  • Historiography devoted to the comparison of Nazism and Communism and their legacies and practice – state of research, methods of presentation, research postulates.

The editorial board of the “Totalitarian and 20th Century Studies” yearbook invites authors to send in articles, in Polish or English, touching upon these areas of research. Each text should be accompanied by an abstract outlining the topic of the article and presenting its bibliography, and also containing five keywords and a short biographical note on the author. All four elements – the articles, abstracts, bibliographical notes and bibliographies – should satisfy the requirements of the instruction set forward on our website.

Articles may be submitted by 30 October 2022. The publication of volume VII has been planned for the 1st quarter of 2023.

The articles shall be reviewed and, upon qualification for inclusion in the journal, translated into English or Polish by the translators of the Pilecki Institute. Texts may contain no more than 80,000 characters with spaces (together with footnotes).

Texts should be sent to the following address:

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