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Information concerning the 5th issue of the "Totalitarian and 20th Century Studies" yearbook

The editors of the “Totalitarian and 20th Century Studies” yearbook invite you to submit articles in Polish or English. The deadline for applications is 30 July 2021.

Continuing the considerations on the initial phases of World War II and the shaping of the “new order” in Europe, initiated in volume IV of our yearbook, we would like to use volume V as an opportunity to develop the issues already discussed. Of particular merit will be analyses of general issues, such as the objectives of the occupiers with regards to Poland and Polish lands, supplemented with detailed study, taking into account a broad spectrum of various national and social groups. The texts sent for possible inclusion in fifth volume of the yearbook should therefore examine:

  • The occupational policies of the Soviet and German authorities towards Polish territories;
  • The policies of the Third Reich and the Soviet Union towards national minorities;
  • The attitudes of nations collaborating with the Third Reich regarding Poland;
  • Microhistories of local communities during World War II;
  • Memory of World War II;
  • German and Soviet atrocities and repressions;
  • The historiography of World War II – the state of research, presentation methods, research proposals.

The editors of the “Totalitarian and 20th Century Studies” yearbook invite you to submit articles in Polish or English that fit into one or more of the research areas listed above. For each text, please attach an abstract detailing the subject of the article, a bibliography, five keywords and a brief biography of the author. Both the articles and abstracts, notes about the authors and bibliographies should be prepared in line with the instructions available on the website.

The deadline for applications is 30 July 2021. The planned publishing date for volume V is at the end of 2021.

Articles selected for publication in the journal will be translated into English or Polish by the translation team at the Pilecki Institute. The maximum limit for texts is 80,000 characters (spaces and footnotes included).

Texts should be sent to the address: redakcja@instytutpileckiego.pl