German Terror in the Eastern Administrative Areas of the Warsaw District of the General Government in the Years 1939–1944

The objective of the project is a comprehensive presentation of the apparatus of violence and the policy of terror imposed by the Third Reich in selected administrative areas of the Warsaw district of the General Government, and also of the situation of the local population and the forms of resistance undertaken thereby against the criminal actions of the German invader.

Research will cover the entire period of Hitlerite occupation of this part of Mazovia, focusing on a host of diverse, albeit intertwined issues – administrative and state-organized terror, the course of the occupation, and an appraisal of the immense destruction to which it led. The implementation of the project is planned to coincide with the elaboration of a history of the Volunteer Fire Brigades which operated in the region during the turmoil of the Second World War.

Scholarships awarded under the project:

Norbert Bączyk, MA

Tomasz Gajownik, PhD

Beata Kozaczyńska, PhD

Igor Niewiadomski, MA

Joanna Nikel, PhD

Photo: National Digital Archives