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An interview with Christina Lamb | Witold Pilecki International Book Award


Meet Christina Lamb, the author of “Our Bodies, Their Battlefield: What War Does to Women”, who is nominated for the Witold Pilecki International Book Award in category III for contemporary war correspondents.

“This book is life-changing,” commented Alina Nowobilska in an interview with the author. What was the inspiration behind it? “I wrote this book because I was angry,” said Christina Lamb. Mass rapes, extreme violence, human trafficking – in her book Our Bodies, Their Battlefield: What War Does to Women, Christina Lamb describes several terrifying crimes that are inflicted upon women during war. It is based on individual accounts of victims of various 20th- and 21st-century conflicts, including Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Syria. The author shows how violence against women is often a premeditated tool used in warfare that serves to terrorize certain groups. She explains why in many cases it should not be treated as loosely connected crimes committed by degenerate soldiers, but as war crimes planned by the military leaders.

Christina Lamb is one of the most famous British correspondents, journalist of “The Sunday Times”, and an award-winning author. One of her publications is “Farewell Kabul: From Afghanistan to a More Dangerous World”.

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