English in Academia | workshops

Workshops during which young scholars learn the rules governing academic discourse in the Anglo-Saxon world: how to write texts that are both interesting and intelligible to readers, how to put forward one’s thoughts clearly and concisely, how to effectively use argumentation, and how to order a disquisition and present it in such a way as to strengthen one’s conclusions.

Participants polish their English writing skills by performing critical analyses of already published texts and creating their own, which are then presented during the workshops. Reading out their papers and responding to questions posed by the audience, they prepare themselves for participation in international conferences. The course, commenced and running uninterruptedly from autumn 2017, is held in English by native speakers and has been organized into winter and summer semesters.

During the last semester its instructors were Dr. John Cornell, Richard Washington and Matthew Chambers.

First of all, I want to encourage participants to take a new approach and think about different ways of writing in English. It is about developing a narrative in an Anglo-American style, as we target specifically that academic market. I am interested in the ideas propounded by my students. We discuss them in the group and reflect on the ways they might be presented in order to achieve the goals sought.

Dr. John Cornell

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