"Wola 1944. An Unpunished Crime and the Notion of Genocide” | debate - Instytut Pileckiego

The discussion will be held as part of the conference “The New Dawn of Europe after the Great War: The Theory of the State and Genocide in the 20th Century”.

Were the events in Wola inconsistent with the policies of the German occupier? Why did the perpetrators of the massacre escape public condemnation and just punishment? Does the murder of the residents of Warsaw bear the hollmarks of genocide?

These and many other questions were addressed by an international body of eminent scholars, composed of historians, lawyers, political scientists and psychologists, in the book “Wola 1944. Nierozliczona zbrodnia a pojęcie ludobójstwa / Wola 1944. An Unpunished Crime and the Notion of Genocide”, published by the Pilecki Institute in 2019.

We would like to invite you to a discussion under the title “German Crimes in Poland – the Quest for Justice. Discussion around the book ‘Wola 1944’”, led by Prof. Kevin J. Heller (SOAS, University of Amsterdam), Prof. Hanna Kuczyńska (Polish Academy of Sciences), and Hanna Radziejowska (Pilecki Institute).

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