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Leon Lubkiewicz (1884–1943)

Commemorated in 2019.

Leon Lubkiewicz was commemorated by the Pilecki Institute on 24 March 2019 in Sadowne.

He lived with his wife Marianna, daughter Irena and son Stefan in the village of Sadowne, located at the time in the district of Sokołów-Węgrów. The family ran a bakery and a grocery store. After the war broke out, Leon Lubkiewicz was not indifferent to the fate of the Jewish population of German-occupied Poland. Although they could be punished with death, the Lubkiewiczs were helping Jews to the best of their abilities. Leon continued to work as a baker, even at times when he did not possess the necessary permit issued by the occupiers. He focused on supplying bread to the Jewish escapees from ghettos and transports to Treblinka, as many of them were hiding in the forests surrounding Sadowne. On 13 January 1943, the Lubkiewiczs’ home was inspected by soldiers from the penal expedition. After hours-long interrogation and beatings, the married couple and their son Stefan were shot to death for giving bread to two Jewish women by the name of Enzel and Czapkiewicz. After robbing the baker’s house, the Germans ordered that the bodies of the victims be left unburied for the following day, showcasing the consequences of disobeying the occupation law which obliged Polish citizens to denounce Jews and those who gave them help of any kind.

In 1997, Yad Vashem awarded the Righteous Among the Nations medal to Leon Lubkiewicz.

The Pilecki Institute commemorated him on 24 March 2019 in Sadowne, click here to read about it.