Hieronim Skłodowski - Instytut Pileckiego

Permanent exhibition "Called by Name" / The commemorated

Hieronim Skłodowski (1905–1944)

Commemorated in 2019.

Hieronim Skłodowski was commemorated by the Pilecki Institute on 16 June 2019 in Skłody-Piotrowice.

He lived with his wife Amelia, sister Apolonia, mother Aleksandra and his five children in the village of Skłody-Piotrowice. He owned a large, well-prospering farm. During German occupation he decided to help Jews by preparing a hideout in his barn. On 20 January 1944, German gendarmes arrived at his farm and ordered Hieronim and his family to come out to the yard, while they began searching the premises. The soldiers beat him mercilessly to make him confess that he was hiding Jews. Eventually they found the hideout, but it was empty – the Jews had managed to flee at night. Nevertheless, the Germans took Hieronim behind the barn and shot him dead. They also shot his mother, Aleksandra. The rest of the family was sent to prison in Jasienica.