Franciszek Andrzejczyk - Instytut Pileckiego

Permanent exhibition "Called by Name" / The commemorated

Franciszek Andrzejczyk (~1891–1943)

Commemorated in 2019.

Franciszek Andrzejczyk was commemorated by the Pilecki Institute on 27 October 2019 in Czyżew-Sutki.

He lived with his wife Stanisława in the village of Czyżew-Sutki. He had six children. The family ran a farm, which was big and well-maintained. Franciszek took particular care of his animals and the quality of his produce. He willingly shared his knowledge with the local farmers. In the hard times of the occupation, Franciszek and his son Henryk would bring butter, milk and cheese to the ghetto, as he had good relations with the local Jews prior to the war. In the summer of 1942, when the residents of the ghetto anticipated its prompt liquidation, the first escapee arrived at the Andrzejczyks’ farm. More people joined in the autumn, so there were 18 refugees in total. Three men found shelter in a root cellar in the courtyard, while the rest hid in a bunker under the floor of the house. The Jews remained in hiding until 20 March 1943. On that day, German gendarmes arrived at the farm. They led Franciszek out of the house, and since he didn’t confess to hiding Jews, they began a search. Having found the hideout in the courtyard, they severely beat Franciszek, and then shot him dead together with the three Jews. The people from the other hiding place were transported to the German station in Czyżew.