20.04 at 17:00

Watch “Witnesses to the Age of Shoah” at home!

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising according to the witnesses to history, the traumatic wartime experience, the accounts of those who survived – all this and more can be seen in the extraordinary documentary film: “Witnesses to the Age of Shoah”.

To commemorate the anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the Pilecki Institute invites you to the film’s online premiere. “Witnesses to the Age of Shoah” combines eye-witness accounts with archive video footage which only serves to emphasize the shocking realities of the time. The archive footage comes the collection of the film’s co-producer, the National Audiovisual Institute in Poland.

The official premiere took place in January 2020, during an event organized by the Pilecki Institute entitled “Pamięć na pokolenia” – a screening of films on the subject of the Holocaust. On 20 April, those who were not able to attend the premiere of this incredible documentary film will be able to see it without having to leave home!