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31.03.2022 (Thu) 18:00

Raphael Lemkin, Genocide & the Soviet Russia. The Ukrainian Case

Don’t miss the unique chance to listen online to a fascinating discussion on current and past events for our Graduate Academy! We will be discussing the atrocities committed by the Soviets during the interwar period as well as during the Second World War.

The key question is: how does the concept created by Rafał Lemkin apply to these events or does it apply at all? The past events in Ukraine also play a vital role in this narrative, but what happened and why is it so important in history today?

? Professor Marek Kornat, is a Sovietologist and researcher of 19th and 20th century Polish political thought. He is also the head of the section for the History of Diplomacy and Totalitarian Systems at the Polish Academy of Science and a lecturer at the Cardinal Stefan
Wyszyński University in Warsaw. He has received many awards for his historical publications and books and has also been honored with the Medal for Merit to Culture “Gloria Artis”.

? Giulia Lami, is a professor of History of Eastern Europe at the University of Milan. She is a member of various Italian and international scientific associations. Her publications concern the history and historiography of Central-Eastern Europe in the modern-contemporary era. She has published many monographs among them, “The Ukrainian question between the 19th and 20th centuries”, “Ukraine 1921 - 1956”, “L’Europe centrale et orientale au XIXe siècle d’après les voyages du romancier et journaliste suisse Victor Tissot” as well as her most recent publication, “History of Eastern Europe from Napoleon to the end of WWI”.

? Eryk Habowski, is a lawyer, sociologist, expert in international law and the history of diplomacy, and an expert in international relations. His interests include the directions of development of international humanitarian law, crimes under international law, the diplomacy
of war and peace, and geostrategy and informational policy. He is also an expert at the Raphael Lemkin Center for Totalitarian Studies and Center for the Documentation of Russian Crimes in Ukraine at the Pilecki Institute. Previously, among others, he was the chief specialist of the Polish Section of the EXPO World Exposition, and the Head of the Team of Strategy and International Affairs of the Pilecki Institute.

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