Instytut Pileckiego

Studies into totalitarianisms and the 20th century are by no means the exclusive domain of historians. The history of the preceding century was and for decades to come will continue to be the object of interest for the representatives of many fields of science. With this in mind, the Studies have been modeled on the leading professional journals, opening their pages to, among others, philosophers, political scientists, sociologists, lawyers, psychologists and experts from other fields, with foremost emphasis being placed on the contentual and methodological quality of texts put forward for publication. Experience gathered in the course of interdisciplinary seminars and numerous scientific projects would seem to suggest that thinking which discards the shackles of commonly accepted patterns or habits helps inspire and motivate to pose new investigative questions, ultimately forming the basis of a quest for more satisfying tools of research and the formulation of innovative approaches to analyzed materials. In consequence, the Studies are presented with the unique opportunity of undertaking diverse aspects of the phenomena which together comprise the 20th century, today commonly known as the “age of totalitarianisms”, including issues that not only present the epoch’s historical determinants, but also the varied and manifold impact that it continues to have on our contemporary world.