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An interview with Carlos Sardiña Galache | Witold Pilecki International Book Award


One category of the Witold Pilecki International Book Award is devoted to contemporary war correspondents. Among the nominees in this category is Carlos Sardiña Galache – the author of the book "The Burmese Labyrinth: A History of Rohingya Tragedy".

What is the subject of the book? Carlos Sardiña Galache introduces the reader to the complex realities of Myanmar’s political life. The book illustrates the country’s transition from a military dictatorship to a parliamentary democracy, as well as the explosive ethnic and religious conflicts. One such conflict, with particularly tragic consequences, took place in Rakhine province. As a result of persecution by the army and by radical Buddhists, several hundred thousand Rohingya Muslims fled the country, and thousands died. Galache combines an in-depth historical introduction to Myanmar’s internal problems with the results of his work as a reporter in the hard-to-reach, dangerous regions of the country.

Carlos Sardiña Galache is a Spanish journalist who has been covering Burma for more than 10 years, especially the persecution of the Rohingya. He has been published in “Al Jazeera English”, “The Christian Science Monitor”, “TIME” and “The Bangkok Post”, among others.

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