Stanisława Banaszek - Instytut Pileckiego

Permanent exhibition "Called by Name" / The commemorated

Stanisława Banaszek (~1926–1943)

Commemorated in 2020.

Stanisława Banaszek was commemorated by Pilecki Institute on 15 September 2020 in Marki.

She lived with her mother Marianna and her brother Władysław and sister Wiktoria in Pustelnik, near the Warsaw suburb of Marki. The siblings lost their father before the war in 1938. The family lived in very difficult material conditions. The drama of the German occupation prompted the Banaszek family to take an exceptionally risky decision: to rent out rooms in their house to Jews in hiding. From 1943 onwards, several families stayed with them, including the Feldszuh and Szpak families, who came to the Banaszeks at the beginning of 1943. Rubin Feldszuh’s daughter Josim was an extremely talented young pianist and composer. Unfortunately, she fell ill with tuberculosis while in the ghetto, and she died in the Banaszek house in April 1943. The Jews found themselves with the Banaszek family thanks to the work of Bolesław Turchetti, the leader of a Polish-Jewish group that organized hiding places. In the autumn, the head of the village warned the family that the Germans knew about the Jews and were planning a search. The families in hiding managed to escape, and the Banaszeks believed that the danger was over. The next day, however, German military policemen surrounded their house, searched the premises and found the empty shelter. Stanisława and her brother Władysław,  who were alone at the house at the time, were arrested and taken to a brickyard in Marki, where they were executed.