The centenary of the 1920 Battle of Warsaw: "Everything at stake"


Precisely 100 years ago something most unlikely and surprising has occurred: Polish Army troops have defeated the Red Army in the outskirts of Warsaw. It was the decisive battle, the battle for everything: independence, liberty and even life.

Had the Soviets won, not only the contemporary Poland, but the whole Europe would have been changed forever. According to Edgar d'Abernon, the British diplomat it was “The eighteenth decisive battle of the world: Warsaw, 1920”.

Historians agree that apart from the Battle of Grunwald and the Battle of Vienna it was one of the greatest and most prolific victory in the history of Polish Nation. You are kindly invited to the first part of trilogy entitled "Everything at stake" starring with renowned scholars and experts: prof. Mariusz Wołos, prof. Wiesław Wysocki, prof. Janusz Odziemkowski, prof. Zbigniew Wawer, Adam Zamoyski and prof. Norman Davies.

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However the spectre of communism and world revolution was haunting Western Europe, there was an enormous amount of wishful thinking about the Soviet paradise, which survived throughout the interwar period. But the Red Army was nothing of the sort. Soviet soldiers set fire to buildings, engaged in plunder, rape and other crimes. The Poles took up arms – many volunteers were middle school students, women’s units were established as well. The people rallied, knowing that everything was at stake. We kindly invite you to the second part of trilogy about the Polish-Soviet War 1919-1921.

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The Polish victory was a huge surprise. “That was the first reaction, followed by concern. Politicians and military elites worried about the Poles going too far towards the East. That Poland's further actions would permanently exclude Russia from commercial exchange, hindering economic profits for Europe”, Professor Janusz Odziemkowski said. Nowadays the awareness among historians about the importance of Polish-Soviet War is very low. According to Professor Norman Davies, “People simply haven't learned about it, it's not in their textbooks, and we continue to suffer from this, as it were, black hole of non-awareness”. That is why we strongly recommend you watch the third part of trilogy entitled “Everything at Stake”.

Watch the movie "A distant squabble in the East? Europe's reaction to the Polish-Soviet War"

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