Called by Name - Exhibition - Instytut Pileckiego



The exhibition “Called by Name” tells the story of people who were outlawed and murdered without trial simply because they helped those whom the occupiers considered “subhuman”.

Years later, we can recall the faces of Poles murdered for rescuing Jews and give a voice back to their loved ones. The materials collected over the course of research into the fates of the “Called by Name” – archival documents and photographs, objects belonging to the victims, interviews with their families, and studies on the German terror apparatus to which the inhabitants of occupied Poland were subjected – served as the foundation for the “Called by Name” exhibition.

Explore the stories of those who acted with kindness and decided to help others: Visit the exhibition at “Dom Bez Kantów” at Krakowskie Przedmieście Street 11 in Warsaw (open daily between 10 and 6 p.m.; free entrance)!

Reservations: 0048539 093 336,