In September 2019, the Pilecki Institute will begin work in Berlin in order to develop international cooperation and broaden fields of research and study on the experiences of the 20th century and on the significance of the European values of democracy and freedom in modern history. The goal of the Institute is also to deepen the understanding of Poland’s 20th century history. Scholarship and research programs are currently being conducted in order to achieve these goals and will continue to be so, as will various work on the interlinking facets of history, art and culture. Our aim is to portray the social, historical and cultural transformations in 20th century Europe with a particular focus on the processes which took place in our region, and to present the norms and values connected with the experiences of the 20th century. The development of long-term cooperation with German cultural institutions and the academic world is of paramount importance to us. The exhibition “The Volunteer. Witold Pilecki and his Mission in Auschwitz” will inaugurate the Pilecki Institute’s work in Berlin. 

The Pilecki Institute in Berlin 
Pariser Platz 4a, 10117 Berlin

Hanna Radziejowska
Head of the Pilecki Institute Berlin

Mateusz Fałkowski
Deputy Head of the Pilecki Institute Berlin

Małgorzata Jędrzejczyk
Arts and Science, Exercising Modernity

Jakub Świetlik
Administration and Production

Natalia Latecka
Archival programs

Karolina Głowińska
Educational programs

Anna Bobczuk
Production and Archival programs

Patryk Szostak
Press Officer

Klaudia Pytlowska

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