International Teachers and Educators Program

The International Teachers and Educators Program is aimed at teachers, educators and employees of places of memory from around the world. We want the program to serve as a platform for the exchange of experiences among professionals engaged in historical education, substantive and methodological reflection, and integration around joint initiatives.

The pilot edition of the project involves 26 participants from 17 countries, including the US, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and Israel. The opening event was a five-day online conference on the resistance against totalitarianisms in 20th-century Europe. The participants took part in over twenty hours of methodological discussion, workshops and presentations, as well as lectures delivered by the Pilecki Institute’s specialists and devoted to various facets of resistance. The key elements were the presentations of the participants, which covered the intellectual, military and civilian resistance against German Nazism and Communism.

The participants will spend the next few months working on a post-conference task, preparing a lesson scenario or an educational project devoted to the principal subject of the conference. Assistance in completion of the task will be provided in the form of monthly meetings during which we will discuss the subject matter, sources and didactic aspects of the undertaking.

All participants who successfully complete the project will meet in Poland for a few days after the end of the pandemic.

The project is coordinated by the Education Department of the Pilecki Institute.


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