History in Translation | summer school

A school for translators of English and German who work on historical sources and scholarly texts relating to 20th-century history. Experienced instructors help participants improve their translating skills, broaden their understanding of translation techniques specific to historical and scientific writings, and avoid errors of terminology. During lectures they learn the fundamentals of 20th-century history required to properly convey the meaning of texts. This knowledge is then put to practice in supervised test translations of archival documents.

The project is partnered by the Polish Literary Translators Association. Following the official award of diplomas of completion of the first edition of “History in Translation”, we discussed the practical aspects of translating scholarly and historical texts. What is it like to work as a translator? What are the challenges – terminological and others – which he or she faces? How important is it to understand the context of a text and the period in which it originated? How can we ensure that the end-product impresses with both its meaning and form?

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